ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard available from Currys from just £34.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

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Get an Edge in Gaming with the ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re in the market for a mechanical gaming keyboard that promises durability and performance without breaking the bank, the ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might just be the gamer’s delight you’ve been searching for. Sold at Currys, a popular UK electronics retailer, this keyboard is designed to enhance your gaming experience, let’s find out how.

Unleashing the Power of Outemu Red Switches

The Firefight Pro gears you up with Outemu red switches. Known for their responsiveness and smooth keystroke, these switches are ideal for gaming, ensuring every command is registered swiftly. With an impressive 50 million keystroke lifespan, you can trust this keyboard to stay by your side through countless battles.

Key Features of ADX Firefight Pro

Aside from its robust switches, the ADX Firefight Pro comes packed with features that cater to the customized needs of gamers:

  • Fully Programmable Keys: Tailor your keyboard to fit your gaming style with complete key programmability.
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting: Press many keys simultaneously without fearing lost key strokes, keeping you in full control of the game.

Design and Comfort

The ADX Firefight Pro doesn’t just function well; it looks the part too. With RGB LED lighting, you can set the mood for every game session and match your setup’s aesthetic. For those long gaming sessions, comfort is provided by the inclusion of a wrist rest, an essential for any serious gamer.

User Experience and Functionality

Designed with ease and convenience in mind, this mechanical gaming keyboard comes with 8 dedicated media keys, making volume adjustment and media control a breeze. The tactile feedback from each key press and the non-slip base add to the user-friendly experience of the keyboard.

Pricing: Is the ADX Firefight Pro Worth It?

At a competitive price of £34.99, the ADX Firefight Pro sits comfortably within the affordable range for mechanical gaming keyboards. When you balance the cost with the wide array of features it offers, it’s a no-brainer for budget-conscious gamers seeking quality.

Build Quality and Longevity

The durable construction of the Firefight Pro is evident from the first touch. Key quality indicators like the rigid frame and keycaps suggest that this keyboard is built to last. Furthermore, ADX’s confidence in their product is evident from the switches’ substantial lifespan. This isn’t just a keyboard; it’s an investment in your gaming future.

Consumer Feedback and Reviews

Players who’ve taken the Firefight Pro to their gaming desks seem to have a lot of positives to report. Comments often highlight the responsive keys, satisfying tactile feedback, and the aesthetics bring the much-loved ‘gamer’ vibe. While some may prefer more renowned switch brands like Cherry MX, the consensus is that Outemu red switches are a solid alternative, especially in this price category.

Specifications and Details

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FAQs About ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

How does the ADX Firefight Pro compare to more expensive mechanical keyboards?

While it might lack certain premium features found in high-end keyboards, it delivers robust performance and key functionality expected from gaming keyboards, providing excellent value for its price.

Can I program macros on this keyboard?

Yes, the ADX Firefight Pro allows for fully programmable keys, giving you the ability to set macros and customize your gaming experience.

Is the wrist rest removable?

The wrist rest is included to provide comfort during extended gaming sessions and can be detached if preferred.

Does the keyboard have on-board memory?

Details on on-board memory are not explicitly mentioned, so it may be safer to assume that the keyboard relies on software for customization retention.

What is the warranty on the ADX Firefight Pro?

Warranty information is typically provided by the retailer, in this case, Currys, and may vary. It is recommended to check with the retailer for the specific warranty details.

Final Thoughts on the ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In conclusion, the ADX Firefight Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard strikes a fine balance between budget-friendly pricing and essential features for gaming. Its red switches, media keys, and programmability make it a compelling choice for gamers looking to upgrade their setup without overspending. Given its cost-effectiveness, durability, and overall positive reviews, this is one keyboard certainly worth considering.

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