APPLE iPhone 11 Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the APPLE iPhone 11 available from Currys from just £439. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
APPLE iPhone 11 review

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APPLE iPhone 11 Review: The Efficient Powerhouse | Currys

The Awe-Inspiring APPLE iPhone 11 – A Comprehensive Review

The APPLE iPhone 11 heralds as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the mobile phone market. Retailing at Currys, this model has garnered attention for its impressive 6.1” Liquid Retina display, the A13 Bionic chip, and the versatile dual-camera system. With a retail price tag of £439, it represents a sweet spot for those looking for premium features without breaking the bank.

Stunning Visuals and Seamless Performance

The iPhone 11’s display is a marvel to behold. Apple’s Liquid Retina technology ensures that your images and videos are soaked in vibrant colours and meticulous details. As for performance, the A13 Bionic chip beneath the hood does not shy away from heavy-duty tasks. From gaming to professional applications, it handles it all with exceptional efficiency.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Beautiful 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display
  • Powerful and energy-efficient A13 Bionic chip
  • Dual-camera system with wide and ultra-wide lenses
  • TrueDepth 12 MP front-facing camera
  • Dolby Atmos for immersive audio
  • Secure and fast Face ID technology
  • IP68 water and dust resistance

Battery Life That Keeps You Going

One of the strong suits of the iPhone 11 is its battery life. With up to 17 hours of juice on a single charge, it’s exemplary for both work and leisure, ensuring that you are never tethered to a charging port for long stretches.

Photography Redefined: The Dual-Camera System

The iPhone 11’s camera setup is a testament to Apple’s commitment to photography. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or an eager beginner, the wide and ultra-wide lenses offer you the flexibility to capture every moment with ease. Paired with the smarts of iOS, every shot you take levels up to near-professional quality.

Ultimate Sound Experience: Dolby Atmos

Accompanying the visual flair is the auditory excellence of Dolby Atmos. It enriches sound quality, providing a theatre-like experience, whether you’re playing a movie or a playlist. The audio is crisper and more enveloping than ever before.

FAQs About the APPLE iPhone 11

What is the Price of the Apple iPhone 11 at Currys?

Currently, the Apple iPhone 11 is available at Currys for £439.

Does the iPhone 11 come with a Charger and EarPods?

In line with Apple’s environmental goals, the iPhone 11 does not include a power adapter or EarPods. These are sold separately, allowing you to reuse your existing accessories.

How Is the Face ID Performance on the iPhone 11?

Face ID on the iPhone 11 is incredibly fast and secure, granting you access to your device almost instantaneously, as well as making payments with Apple Pay with just a glance.

Is the iPhone 11 Water-Resistant?

Yes, the iPhone 11 boasts an IP68 rating, offering considerable protection against water and dust, making it suitable for all-weather use.

Price and Quality Analysis

The overall value provided by the iPhone 11 relative to its price point is extraordinary. Although it might not pack all the latest features of its more expensive siblings, it delivers where it counts. The combination of a premium build, responsive performance, excellent camera capabilities, and robustness, makes it an attractive proposition in the mobile phone market.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Customers have been overwhelming in their praise for the iPhone 11, citing its reliable performance, long battery life, and fantastic camera as standout features. For the price offered at Currys, it’s judged to be a top contender in the current mobile phone marketplace.

Final Thoughts on the APPLE iPhone 11

As a whole, the APPLE iPhone 11 stands as a testament to Apple’s expertise in crafting devices that offer an optimal balance between performance and value. Its retail home at Currys is the ideal place to pick one up, either online or in-store. If you’re on the hunt for a robust, feature-rich smartphone that won’t require you to splurge, the iPhone 11 is a compelling choice.

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