APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR available from Currys from just £299. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR review

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APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR Review

Is the Refurbished iPhone XR Worth Your Money?

Are you contemplating whether to purchase an APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR from Currys? This review has been crafted to offer an insightful and comprehensive evaluation, shedding light on the practical value, performance, and sustainability of this device. Let’s dive into what makes this iPhone a buzz in the realm of tech enthusiasts.

The iPhone XR: Power and Elegance Combined

When the iPhone XR was first released, it proudly stood out as a powerful gadget that catered to both performance enthusiasts and those with an eye for elegance. Even as a refurbished model, its unique fusion of power and style is undeniably appealing.

Key Features of the iPhone XR

  • A robust A12 Bionic chip for seamless multitasking and media creation
  • A stunning 6.1″; Liquid Retina display for immersive viewing experiences
  • Outstanding 12MP camera with Portrait Mode and smart HDR
  • IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring durability
  • Face ID for quick and secure access
  • Impressive up to 17 hours of battery life, freeing you from constant recharging

Condition and Quality Assured

Currys ensures that this refurbished iPhone XR is in excellent condition. It’s fully operational, with potential minute cosmetic imperfections, though these are nearly negligible. Accompanied by a power supply and presented in non-original packaging, this device stands as a testament to stringent testing and quality assurance.

Refurbished – A Step Towards Sustainability

In a world where electronic waste is ever-increasing, opting for a refurbished phone does not only save you money; it’s an eco-friendly choice. The reduced consumption of resources and diverted landfill waste are key environmental benefits worth considering when making your purchase decision.

Professionally Checked and Re-boxed

Each refurbished iPhone XR is meticulously examined, tried, and repackaged by Currys’ Tech Experts. This ensures that when you receive your device, it functions seamlessly. A 12-month guarantee is the cherry on top, offering you peace of mind as an assurance for reliability.

Performance – Does It Hold Up?

The A12 Bionic chip remains a formidable processor that can handle nearly all the tasks required by a typical smartphone user today. Whether you are an avid gamer, a social media buff, or someone who cherishes photography, this iPhone XR will not disappoint. The smart HDR on the camera enhances your photos, plunging you into a world of vivid detail and rich textures.

Price – Unbeatable Value

A new iPhone XR, back when it was released, cost a pretty penny. But at £299, a price that’s astoundingly lower than its original retail value, you are procuring a device that packs a punch without punching a hole through your wallet.

Revamped Tech That Feels Almost New

Despite not being worked on by Apple’s refurbishing team, the refurbished iPhone XR has new life breathed into it by third-party experts who ensure its operability stands on par with new devices. With the opportunity to possess current-generation tech prowess sans the hefty price tag, the value prospect is brilliant.


What does the refurbishment process involve?

The refurbishment process involves thorough testing, cleaning, and repairing (if necessary) of the used device to ensure that it meets quality standards similar to a new product.

Are refurbished phones reliable?

Yes, refurbished phones from reputable retailers like Currys come with a testing guarantee and are as reliable as new devices.

Does the iPhone XR still receive iOS updates?

Apple continues to support older iPhone models with iOS updates, and the iPhone XR, being relatively recent, still enjoys the latest software features and security patches.

What accessories come with the refurbished iPhone XR?

The refurbished iPhone XR comes complete with a power supply but may not include all original accessories.

Is there a difference between Apple-certified refurbished and other third-party refurbished iPhones?

Yes, an Apple-certified refurbished product is repaired and refurbished by Apple, with Apple parts, whereas third-party refurbished iPhones may include non-Apple parts.

Are cosmetic imperfections common in refurbished phones?

While refurbished phones may show minor cosmetic wear, every effort is made to ensure a high standard of appearance and functionality.

Is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone XR?

When purchasing from a trustworthy and certified retailer like Currys, buying a refurbished iPhone XR is a safe and cost-effective way to enjoy Apple technology.

Does the refurbished iPhone XR support 4K video?

Yes, the iPhone XR supports taking 4K videos, leveraging the power of its A12 Bionic chip.


Wrapping up, the APPLE Refurbished iPhone XR from Currys offers an enticing combination of performance, quality, and sustainability at a highly attractive price point. With a suite of superior features intact and a vigilant refurbishment process, there is hardly a distinction between this device and a new one. Whether you are tech-savvy on a budget or environmentally conscious, the refurbished iPhone XR stands as an excellent choice.

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