APPLE Watch SE Cellular Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the APPLE Watch SE Cellular available from Currys from just £289. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
APPLE Watch SE Cellular review

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Introduction to the Apple Watch SE Cellular

The Apple Watch SE Cellular has solidified its standing as a quintessential accessory for individuals who champion a blend of technology and active lifestyle.
Sold by reputable retailer Currys, this watch ensures that you carry your essentials with you, rendering connectivity a piece of cake no matter the location or activity.

Design and Display

The reimagined design of the Apple Watch SE Cellular is not just about aesthetics; it applauds eco-consciousness by significantly reducing the carbon footprint by over 80%.
This makes it a fine choice for environmentally mindful users.
It brings to your wrist, a stunning Retina OLED display that immaculately showcases crisp texts and sharp images, making it easy to glance at your stats even under the glaring sun.

Health and Fitness Features

For fitness aficionados, the Apple Watch SE Cellular comes studded with an array of features:

  • It monitors swimming performance, including splits and lengths.
  • When running, it tracks your stride lengths and ground contact time, aiding in performance optimization.
  • Its Heart Rate app keeps tabs on your pulse, alerting you to any irregularities.

Moreover, the device is not scant on motivational tools such as Activity rings and the Workout app.
It also comes with Fitness+, introducing an extensive list of workout routines right at your beck and call.

Wellness and Mindfulness

Not only does the Watch SE Cellular value your physical health but also your mental well-being.
The Mindfulness app is a perfect companion to help you destress, while the Sleep app insightfully analyses your sleep patterns.

Connectivity and Safety Features

The cellular feature is the crux of this device allowing you to make calls, send texts, and stream music independent of your phone.
All this while, the Crash Detection feature stands guard – notifying emergency services and your emergency contacts in case of a car accident.

Extended Features and Utilities

Be it navigating with Maps, making purchases with Apple Pay, or interacting with Siri, the Apple Watch SE Cellular ticks all the boxes for a seamless experience.
Family Setup mode is another feather in the cap, letting you keep connected to your children’s watches without needing them to own an iPhone.

User Experience and Interface

With the introduction of WatchOS 10, this Apple Watch has risen to the occasion by making apps more vibrant and data-rich.

Price Analysis

Priced at £289 at Currys, the Apple Watch SE Cellular balances functionality with affordability.
In the realm of smart wearables, it fits snugly in the bracket of mid-range devices that offer high-end features for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Customer Insights and Reviews

The Apple Watch SE Cellular has amassed favourable reviews with customers praising its user-friendly interface, versatile functions, and reliable performance.
The accessibility of fitness features and cellular liberty garners particular acclaim.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Apple has made significant strides toward sustainability with the Apple Watch SE Cellular’s redesigned case. Reducing the carbon footprint aligns with the ethos of consumers who prioritise environmental stewardship.

Product Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Apple Watch SE Cellular worth its price?

Given its extended functionalities and the prestige of the Apple brand, the Watch SE Cellular offers good value for its price, especially when considering the seamless ecosystem it operates within.

Can I go swimming with my Apple Watch SE Cellular?

Absolutely, the Apple Watch SE Cellular is swim-proof and can track your swimming workouts efficiently.

Does the Apple Watch SE Cellular have a GPS feature?

Yes, it comes with built-in GPS enabling you to track outdoor workouts and navigate without your phone.

Is the Apple Watch SE Cellular compatible with Family Setup?

Yes, it supports Family Setup, allowing iPhones to pair with watches of family members who do not own an iPhone.

What is the battery life like on the Apple Watch SE Cellular?

The battery life can vary based on usage, but it usually lasts for a full day under typical use.


The Apple Watch SE Cellular embodies a leap towards a healthier, more connected lifestyle.
Available at Currys for £289, this capable smartwatch merges the functionalities of fitness tracking, health monitoring, and connectivity.
It’s tailored for both fitness enthusiasts and casual users seeking an Apple device that fits within a reasonable budget without compromising on the essential features.

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