APPLE Watch SE Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the APPLE Watch SE available from Currys from just £249. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
APPLE Watch SE review

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The Apple Watch SE: Your Essential Fitness and Communication Companion

Embrace the epitome of convenience and smart technology with the Apple Watch SE, a gadget that’s more than just a watch. Designed to fit seamlessly into your active and connected lifestyle, the Watch SE is the perfect synergy of wellness and technology. Available from Currys, it’s a must-have for anyone who values function as much as form.

Design and Display: Elegance Meets Functionality

With its gorgeous Retina OLED display, the Apple Watch SE boasts vibrant visuals that make viewing your stats a pleasure, whether you’re indoors or out in the sun. Even more alluring is the redesigned case that not only looks sophisticated but also reduces Apple’s carbon footprint by over 80%. This is great news for eco-conscious users who want to invest in a brand that considers its environmental impact.

Performance and Health Features: Your Personal Trainer and Health Guardian

For the fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious, the Apple Watch SE packs a punch with numerous features:

  • Water Resistance: Take your watch to the pool and it’ll help you track splits and lengths with ease.
  • Fitness+: Gain access to a diverse array of workouts including HIIT and yoga. Enjoy a complimentary 4-month Fitness+ subscription when you purchase the Apple Watch SE.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your heart rate and get alerted to any potential irregularities.
  • Activity Rings and Workout App: Stay motivated with these features that help you monitor and celebrate your fitness achievements.
  • Mindfulness and Sleep Tracking: Manage your stress levels and monitor your sleep patterns for better overall health.

The Activity Rings and Workout app are particularly useful tools that keep you driven towards your fitness goals, promoting a more active lifestyle.

Keeping You Safe and Connected

Safety is a key aspect of the Apple Watch SE, with its life-saving Crash Detection feature that can alert emergency services and your emergency contacts in the event of a car accident. Additionally, it boasts all the connectivity features we’ve come to expect from Apple products, including Maps, Apple Pay, and Siri for hands-free assistance. For families, the Family Setup mode is a convenient way to pair children’s watches to a single phone, ensuring everyone stays connected, even if they don’t have a phone of their own.

Software: Powered by WatchOS 10

With WatchOS 10, the Apple Watch SE introduces new life to your favorite apps while enhancing the display with more information at a glance. This seamless integration makes it easier than ever for users to interact with their watch on-the-go.

Price and Value for Money

Priced at £249, the Apple Watch SE offers a balanced combination of essential features without breaking the bank. It provides an excellent value proposition for anyone looking to get into the Apple ecosystem or seeking an affordable alternative to the more expensive Apple Watch models.

Quality and Reviews

Apple’s commitment to quality is well-documented, and the Apple Watch SE is no exception. It’s a robust and well-crafted device that promises durability and a premium feel. Reviews from users and tech enthusiasts alike praise the Apple Watch SE for its impressive suite of features packed into a more budget-friendly price point.

Apple Watch SE Review: In Summary

The Apple Watch SE is a standout product in the smartwatch market, especially for those prioritizing health, fitness, and safety features alongside the need to stay connected. With its stunning display, environmental consciousness, and powerful software, it’s clear why this smartwatch is becoming a popular choice among consumers.

FAQs About the Apple Watch SE

What is the battery life like on the Apple Watch SE?

The Apple Watch SE generally offers an all-day battery life up to 18 hours, depending on usage.

Does the Apple Watch SE have cellular connectivity?

The Apple Watch SE comes in both GPS and GPS + Cellular models, allowing you to choose based on your needs.

Is the Apple Watch SE compatible with my iPhone?

The Apple Watch SE is compatible with the iPhone 6s and later, running the latest version of iOS.

Can I listen to music on my Apple Watch SE?

Yes, you can stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks on the Apple Watch SE when paired with Bluetooth headphones.

Does the Apple Watch SE support Apple Pay?

Yes, it supports Apple Pay which allows for contactless payments directly from the watch.

Is the Apple Watch SE suitable for swimming?

Yes, it is water-resistant to 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming in pools or the ocean.

Does the Apple Watch SE have any warranty?

It comes with the standard Apple one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support.


For those seeking a smartwatch that balances affordability with performance, the Apple Watch SE is a compelling option. Whether you’re swimming laps, tracking your sleep, or simply staying on top of your daily tasks, the Watch SE is a reliable and stylish choice. Head over to Currys to check out this fantastic gadget and take the first step to a smarter, more connected lifestyle.

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