BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone available from Currys from just £79.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone review

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BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone Review

An In-Depth Look at the BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone

Welcome to the ultimate review of the BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone. As communication needs evolve, it’s important to have a reliable landline that keeps up with the demands of modern living. This phone promises to be a blend of classic functionality and contemporary technology, but does it deliver? I’ve taken it for a spin, and here’s what I’ve discovered.

Staying Connected with BT

The BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone, provided by Currys, brings communication convenience to your doorstep. Priced at £79.99, it’s positioned in the market to appeal to those who desire quality without an extravagant price tag. But what makes it stand out?

  • Ability to save up to 200 numbers in the premium contact list
  • Bluetooth connectivity to sync in numbers from your mobile phone
  • Includes two handsets for multi-room placement

You’ll find ease and convenience are at the forefront with this phone’s extensive contact storage and wireless integration with your mobile devices.

Embrace Multitasking with Handsfree Speakerphone

The handsfree speakerphone feature is a standout for multi-taskers. Imagine chatting away while you’re busy with household tasks – it’s a small feature that makes a big difference. The speaker’s quality is solid, providing clear audio for both parties involved in the conversation. This detail exemplifies the phone’s blend of functionality and user-centered design.

Do Not Disturb – The Silence You’ve Been Craving

Sometimes, silence is golden, and the BT Premium phone respects that with its Do Not Disturb feature. Whether you’re concentrating on work or enjoying your downtime, you can easily activate this setting to mute calls without missing important messages thanks to the built-in answering machine.

Alongside, this phone offers a strong defence against unwanted calls. With the ability to block nuisance calls, users can keep telemarketers and other unwanted callers at bay, ensuring a peaceful home environment.

Price Analysis and Value for Money

Price-wise, the BT Premium cordless phone offers good value. Competitively priced at under £80, you’re getting a set of features that often appear in more expensive models. Considering the brand reputation of BT and the practicality of having two handsets, this deal seems like a bargain for anyone looking for a reliable home phone solution.

User Reviews and Perception

Users have embraced the BT Premium 090631 as a reliable addition to their homes. The general consensus from reviews is that it offers stellar performance, with many highlighting the clarity of calls and ease of use. The strong Bluetooth connection and the ample storage for contacts are also frequently praised. However, as with any product, some users noted the design could be sleeker, and a minority faced difficulties when setting up Bluetooth.

FAQs About the BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone

Can the BT Premium phone block specific numbers?

Yes, it can. You can block nuisance calls individually or block specific types of calls permanently.

Is the answering machine feature easy to use?

Most users find the answering machine intuitive and straightforward to navigate, ensuring you don’t miss any essential messages.

Can the phone sync with any mobile phone via Bluetooth?

The phone is designed to sync with most modern mobile phones that support Bluetooth connectivity, making it a versatile choice for different users.

Does it come with a warranty?

Usually, there is a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Check with Currys for the exact terms and period at the time of purchase.

Is the £79.99 price tag for a single handset or does it include both?

The price includes both handsets, offering excellent value for a duo set.


In conclusion, the BT Premium 090631 Cordless Phone stands out as a solid choice for those in need of a landline with contemporary features. With its extensive contact list, handsfree speakerphone, and nuisance call blocking function, it covers most bases for the average household. While it may not win awards for groundbreaking innovation, it brings reliability and convenience to the table, elements often sought after in such a device.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current home phone system or seeking to introduce a landline into your communication mix, the BT Premium 090631 might just be the blend of traditional and modern you need. With mostly positive reviews and a reasonable price point, it’s certainly a contender worth considering when you next visit Currys or shop around online.

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