DJI Mic Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the DJI Mic available from Currys from just £289. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
DJI Mic review

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DJI Mic Review: The Ultimate Vlogging Tool

DJI Mic Review: Stretching the Boundaries in Audio Recording

When it comes to camera and optic accessories, DJI always seems to push boundaries. Their DJI Mavic drone camera took the world by storm, and now it seems they’re reshaping the audio field as well. Introducing the DJI Mic.

Bought From: Currys

Our stellar DJI Mic was sourced from audio gear retail giants Currys. Typically known for their wide range of quality tech products, it’s no surprise that the DJI Mic made it into their stock list.

The DJI Mic: An Overview

First off, let’s just marvel at the fact that this wireless mic kit boasts an eye-popping 250m range. Wander off all you like while the mic continues to transmit the audio back to your camera. And, even if you do bit of straying, each mic can record and save up to 14 hours of audio independently.

Key Features:

  • On-the-fly Controls: From the receiver’s OLED touchscreen, you can control settings like brightness and volume on-the-go.
  • Adaptive Design: The receiver can swivel, allowing you to monitor even as you switch between positions.
  • Lightweight: The mics themselves feel almost invisible, weighing a mere 30g each. Secured with super-strong magnets, they aren’t going anywhere.

Suit Yourself: DJI Mic’s Customisation Options

Flexible and adaptable, let’s delve a little deeper into the DJI Mic’s features that allow you to customise your audio recording experience.

For the Solos and the Groups:

The mics have omnidirectional recording capabilities, making it the perfect choice whether you’re a solo vlogger or you’re recording group conversations.

Dual Channels:

The flexibility to record each transmission separately or combine channels in post is at your fingertips.

Safety Track:

Never worry about volume spikes ruining your audio. The safety track provides a second, quieter recording just in case.

Gain Control:

Think of this as your audio sensitivity settings. The gain control lets you tweak your mic’s volume sensitivity so it best fits your surroundings.

Wind Breakers:

Outdoor filming in windy conditions is now less of a headache with the provided windscreens — one for each mic.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

There’s much more to the DJI Mic than meets the eye. Here are some features we thought were worth highlighting:

  • Battery Life: The charge case provides up to 15 hours of extra battery life — a godsend for those long recording days.
  • Auto Pairing: The moment your transmitter and receiver are in the charge case, they pair automatically.
  • Compatibility: The receiver works with almost anything and there are adapters included for lightning, USB-C, and DSLRs.

Price Analysis

With an EAN of 6941565922588, the DJI Mic is priced at £289. You’d be hard-pressed to find comparable wireless mics in the market that offer such extensive features and quality at this price range. Our verdict: It’s worth every penny for a vlogger or creator looking to enhance their audio recording experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this DJI Mic is a powerhouse audio recording tool that checks all the right boxes in terms of adaptability, quality and value for money. If you’re in the vlogging game, this is one accessory that’s definitely worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the weight of the DJI Mic?

The DJI Mic is incredibly lightweight, with each mic weighing only 30g.

2. What’s the wireless range of the DJI Mic?

The DJI Mic boasts a wireless range of 250 m, providing plenty of flexibility when filming.

3. How long is the battery life of the DJI Mic?

Each mic can save up to 14 hours of audio, and the charge case provides an additional 15 hours of battery life.


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