INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit available from Currys from just £8.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit review

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INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit: Enhance Your Photography Experience

If you’re an instant photography enthusiast, the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit from Currys is a charming complement to your beloved camera. It’s not just about protection; it’s about adding an extra pop of fun and functionality to your picture-taking adventures. So let’s snap to it and delve into what this accessory kit has in store.

INSTAX Brand and Product Background

INSTAX, is synonymous with instant cameras and the joy of having a physical photo in a matter of seconds. As a leading name in this niche, INSTAX has carved out a significant following with its stylish designs and user-friendly camera models. The INSTAX Mini 11 is one of the popular additions to their family, and this accessory kit is tailor-made to elevate the Mini 11 experience.

Unboxing the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit

The kit includes a host of items designed to protect your camera and showcase your photos. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A camera case with an adjustable strap
  • A detachable front cover for the camera case
  • A compact photo album
  • Hanging cards with string

With an EAN of 8720094750705 and a price tag of just £8.99, this kit presents itself as a reasonably priced addition for any Mini 11 owner.

Key Features of the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit

Let’s focus on the features that make this accessory kit worth considering:

Camera Case with Adjustable Strap

The camera case is custom-made for the Mini 11, ensuring a snug fit. Its adjustable strap makes it convenient to carry on your various journeys. Plus, the removable front cover means no more fumbling—you can quickly take photos without taking the camera out completely.

Compact Photo Album

The included photo album is perfect for organising and displaying your favourite snaps. It’s a wonderful way to keep your memories close and relive moments whenever the mood strikes.

Hanging Cards with String

Ready to show off your shots? The hanging cards and string turn your photos into a decorative display, providing a creative way to personalise your space with your own photography.

Pricing Analysis: Is £8.99 a Fair Deal?

Considering the retail price and the brand recognition of INSTAX, along with the functional and aesthetic benefits this kit offers, £8.99 seems to be a fair price. Scouting through similar products could affirm this point, as few accessory kits come with such complementarity and brand-specific design at this price point.

Quality and Reviews: Users’ Verdict

Customer reviews often provide a transparent glimpse into the actual value of a product. With the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit, users are highlighting the protective quality of the case, the convenience of the adjustable strap, and the charm of the photo album and hanging cards. It appears to rank highly in terms of durability and design, scoring points for being both chic and secure.

FAQs about the INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit

Is this accessory kit officially licensed by INSTAX?

Yes, it is an official INSTAX product designed specifically for the Mini 11 model.

Can I use the camera case for other INSTAX models?

The case is custom-designed for the Mini 11. While it’s possible other models may fit, the case might not provide an optimal fit and could compromise functionality and protection.

How many photos can the photo album hold?

This information depends on the album’s design and capacity, which is often sized to match the popular INSTAX photo dimensions.

Is the accessory kit available in multiple colours?

Most INSTAX accessory kits come in various colours, but you should check the retailer’s stock, Currys in this case, for the specific options available at purchase time.

Is the £8.99 price permanent or subject to change?

Retail prices can fluctuate due to promotions, stock levels, and demand, so it’s best to confirm the current price with Currys before making a purchase.

Can I buy the items in the kit separately?

While some items may be available for individual sale, purchasing the kit ensures you get the full set curated by INSTAX to complement your Mini 11 camera.


The INSTAX Mini 11 Accessory Kit offers a delightful blend of form and function at a price that’s hard to contest. It’s an investment in not just protecting your camera, but also in enhancing your overall photographic journey. The verdict? For the INSTAX Mini 11 owner, this kit is a bit of a steal – enhancing your camera’s life and your photo-display game in one affordable sweep!

In essence, this accessory kit is a catch for any INSTAX Mini 11 user looking to accessorise smartly and affordably. So are you ready to snap up this deal from Currys and make the most of your instant photography experience?

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