MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27" Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor available from Currys from just £249. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27

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MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor: An In-Depth Review

The delight of an immersive gaming experience often depends on the quality of the monitor, and the MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor aims to set the bar high. From the colourful vibrancy offered through Quantum Dot technology to the seamless fluidity of movement thanks to its high refresh rate, this monitor from MSI appears to be a gamer’s dream come true.

Introduction to Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot technology is often perceived as the future of display clarity and colour accuracy. With a capability to produce a billion colours, it’s easy to see why this is a feature that marks the MSI G274QPF-QD as a standout option. Colours are not just displayed; they are replicated with an incredible precision that breathes life into every frame.

Quad HD Resolution: The Detail-Oriented Gamer’s Ally

The Quad HD resolution of this monitor further augments the visual fidelity of games. Designed for those who appreciate the minutiae within expansive open-world environments, the detail here is hard to ignore. Every texture, every shadow is rendered with an impressively sharp focus to enhance gaming realism.

Faster Than a Speeding Pixel: 1ms Response Time and NVIDIA G-Sync

A swift response time of just 1 ms ensures that the MSI G274QPF-QD keeps up with the high-speed demands of modern gaming, eliminating frustrating screen tearing or blurring that can detract from the gaming experience. The integration of NVIDIA G-Sync technology is another huge plus, preventing screen lag and image tearing by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the output from a compatible graphics card.

170 Hz Refresh Rate: Smoothness in Motion

The 170 Hz refresh rate is like the icing on the cake, enabling fluid movement that feels as smooth as it looks. Games like CS:GO or Valorant, which demand precision and quick reflexes, can be enjoyed to their full potential without any hitch due to slow refresh rates.

VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certification and Ergonomic Design

  • The VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification guarantees vivid brightness, profound contrasts, and evenly balanced shadows for a superior HDR experience.
  • An ergonomically adjustable stand offers the flexibility to find the most comfortable viewing angle with tilt, swivel, and height adjustments.

Night Vision and Connectivity

  • Night Vision technology uncovers hidden details in darker areas of the screen, ensuring nothing escapes your notice during gameplay.
  • The convenience of a USB-C port with 15 W charging capability allows you to power up your devices even while deeply engaged in gaming.

Frameless Design and Eye Comfort Features

  • The frameless design not only adds a sleek and modern aspect to the monitor but also makes it ideal for multi-monitor setups, providing a seamless visual connection between displays.
  • Comfort is key and this monitor doesn’t disappoint. With TÜV Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technology certifications, you can look forward to extended gaming sessions without straining your eyes.

Price Analysis: Value for Money?

At the competitive price of £249, the MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor offers a balance between high-end features and affordability. Considering its advanced specifications, this monitor is positioned well within the market as a cost-effective option for serious gamers.

Customer Reviews and Quality Assurance

Consumers often rely on reviews as a measure of quality and usability. Based on shared opinions online, gamers appear to be highly satisfied with the performance of the monitor, praising its colour accuracy, responsiveness, and build quality that MSI is known for. Such testimonials reinforce the credibility of this product as a reliable choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor seems to deliver on its promises, creating a gaming experience that is as visually stunning as it is smooth. Whether it’s the sharpness of Quad HD or the no-compromise features like DisplayHDR 400 and high refresh rates, MSI’s offering is poised to be a gamer’s must-have.


What is Quantum Dot technology and why does it matter for gaming?

Quantum Dot technology allows the display to render a wider spectrum of colours with greater accuracy. For gaming, this translates into a more vivid and immersive visual experience.

Is the MSI G274QPF-QD compatible with consoles as well as PCs?

While primarily designed for PC use with features like NVIDIA G-Sync, the monitor should work with consoles that support its connection inputs, albeit without the G-Sync benefits.

Can the MSI monitor’s refresh rate really impact my gaming performance?

A higher refresh rate reduces motion blur and screen tearing, providing a smoother gaming experience that can improve your reaction times and performance in fast-paced games.

Is there any warranty or quality assurance provided by MSI?

MSI typically provides a warranty for their products, which includes assurance of quality and support for any manufacturer defects or issues.

How does the adjustable stand benefit my gaming setup?

An adjustable stand allows for a more personalised and ergonomic setup, reducing strain during long gaming sessions.

Does the monitor have any features to reduce eye strain?

Yes, the MSI G274QPF-QD monitor has TÜV Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free certification, both of which help to reduce eye strain during extended use.

In sum, the MSI G274QPF-QD Quad HD 27″ Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor is a stunning addition to any gaming arsenal, bringing together a slew of high-performance features that will not just meet but exceed expectations of discerning gamers looking for quality and reliability.

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