NINTENDO ESHOP Switch Online 12 Month Membership Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the NINTENDO ESHOP Switch Online 12 Month Membership available from Currys from just £17.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
NINTENDO ESHOP Switch Online 12 Month Membership review

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Nintendo eShop Switch Online 12 Month Membership Review

An In-Depth Review of the Nintendo eShop Switch Online 12 Month Membership

If you’re a Nintendo Switch enthusiast looking for an enhanced gaming experience, you might have heard of the Nintendo eShop Switch Online 12 Month Membership. Sold by Currys, this membership card not only unlocks multiplayer gaming but offers much more, encouraging players to dive deep into Nintendo’s rich gaming history. Let’s explore what this 12-month membership entails and whether it’s worth the investment.

What is the Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

The Nintendo Switch Online service is Nintendo’s take on modern gaming requirements, facilitating online play with other Switch owners around the globe. But that’s just the beginning. The membership also offers access to a growing library of classic games from legacy consoles like NES, SNES, N64, and Game Boy. These titles have been updated with Switch compatibility, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Save Your Games with Cloud Backup

One of the key highlights of the membership is cloud saving. This feature is a lifesaver, allowing you to back up your game saves securely on Nintendo’s servers. Whether you’re planning to switch to a new console or worried about losing your device, the cloud backup has got you covered.

Product Compatibility and Restrictions

The 12 Month Membership is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and can only be used within the European Nintendo eShop. This may be a limiting factor for those outside the specified region or for gamers that own different Nintendo consoles. Additionally, the activation code is a one-time use, emphasising the need for safeguarding it against loss or theft.

How Does it Stand on Pricing?

At a competitive price of £17.99, the membership is poised against other gaming platforms’ offerings. Based on the information provided, this cost equates to the price of a 3-month membership directly from the Nintendo eShop, indicating that Currys‘ offer is a great deal for a whole year of service.

Comparative Price Analysis

When considering the retail price versus the value on offer, the 12 Month Membership presents significant savings. The inclusion of classic games alongside the convenience of online play and cloud storage makes the yearly subscription fee seem rather reasonable.

Access to Classic Games – A Retro Gamer’s Dream

If retro gaming tugs at your heartstrings, this membership can be particularly enticing. Having access to a library that constantly updates with the games that paved the way for modern titles is like owning a piece of history. Moreover, these aren’t just ported versions; they’re enhanced to fit the Switch’s format.

Setting Up Your Membership

Redeeming the membership code is straightforward. With either your Nintendo Switch console or via the official website, the process is designed to be user-friendly. Just make sure you follow the on-screen instructions correctly, and keep your confirmation safe for future reference.

How Does the Service Fare Among Users?

The general sentiment in the gaming community is that the Nintendo eShop Switch Online 12 Month Membership offers great value for money. The service’s cloud backup is often highly praised, as it provides peace of mind for players who invest considerable time into their games. Additionally, the nostalgia factor associated with the classic game library tends to be a big selling point.

Final Verdict: Is the Nintendo Switch Online Membership Worth It?

After taking a closer look at what the 12 Month Membership has to offer, it’s clear that it provides substantial benefits to Nintendo Switch players. By combining online play, cloud storage, and a rich retro game catalog at a price point that undercuts many competitors, the membership stands as a worthy addition to any Switch owner’s collection.


Can the membership be shared across multiple Nintendo Switch consoles?

No, the membership is tied to the Nintendo Account that redeems the code and cannot be shared across multiple accounts or consoles.

What if my membership code is not working?

In the event of a non-functional code, you should contact the retailer, in this case, Currys, and present your confirmation for assistance.

Will more classic games be added to the library over time?

Yes, Nintendo has been regularly adding more classic games to the roster for those with an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

Is internet required for all aspects of the Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

An internet connection is required to redeem the code and for online play, but you can enjoy the classic games offline once they’re downloaded to your Switch.

Does this membership automatically renew?

Purchasing this code from a retailer like Currys does not set up auto-renewal. You would have to manually renew the subscription after 12 months.

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