NOKIA 105 Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the NOKIA 105 available from Currys from just £24.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
NOKIA 105 review

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Nokia 105 Review: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The Nokia 105: Nostalgia Meets Practicality

The Nokia 105 takes us back to a time when mobile phones were more about substance over style and focus on communication over computation. In an era largely dominated by smartphones, the Nokia 105 offers a refreshing change of pace.

Available at Currys: A Closer Look at Features

Simplicity is king with Nokia 105, as it provides a sturdy and uncomplicated means to stay connected. Sold at Currys, the Nokia 105 comes with a promise of endurance and reliability.

A Design That’s Time-tested

This mobile device features a classic design that’s not only nostalgic but also functional. Its contoured shape makes it comfortable to hold, and the separate keys are a boon for those who find touchscreens frustrating.

Battery Life That Lasts

In today’s fast-paced digital world, charging your phone daily has become a routine for most. Yet, the Nokia 105 breaks the mold with a battery that can last weeks on standby, ensuring you’re always reachable when it matters most.

Building Quality and Durability

Nokia’s reputation for manufacturing rugged phones carries on with the Nokia 105. Its solid build means it can withstand the knocks and drops of everyday life far better than many of its delicate smartphone counterparts.

Price and Quality Analysis

At just £24.99, the Nokia 105 offers exceptional value. This is a phone that’s meant to be used and abused, without the worry of a high-priced investment.

The Verdict on Value

When considering the longevity and the low-maintenance approach of the Nokia 105, the price is more than fair. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and the assurance that you have a phone that’s going to work when you need it.

Evaluating User Feedback and Reviews

The consensus among users is clear — the Nokia 105 is a winner for those seeking a phone with a primary focus on calls and texts without the complexities of modern smartphones.

Scale of Reliability

Reviewers frequently highlight the reliability of the Nokia 105. Its lack of features becomes its strength, as it limits what can go wrong, making it a trustworthy companion for many.

FAQs About the Nokia 105

Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions regarding the Nokia 105, which might offer more insights into its capabilities and limitations.

What features does the Nokia 105 offer?

  • Simple user interface with physical keypad
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Durable build quality
  • FM radio

Does the Nokia 105 support modern mobile networks?

Please note that the Nokia 105 is a 2G phone, and with 2G and 3G signals being phased out, it will not support future mobile networks. For more futureproof choices, 4G or 5G phones will be more suitable.

Is the Nokia 105 suitable for the elderly or children?

Absolutely! The simplicity of the Nokia 105, along with its robust design, makes it an ideal choice for the elderly or children who require a basic mobile phone for communication.

Can I access the internet or apps on the Nokia 105?

No, the Nokia 105 is designed for calls and texts only. It does not support internet connectivity or apps like a smartphone does.

What is the Nokia 105’s warranty policy?

The warranty for the Nokia 105 would depend on the retailer’s policy, in this case, Currys, as well as any additional coverage offered by Nokia. It is recommended to check with Currys or review the product documentation for warranty specifics.

Is the Nokia 105 Right for You?

In conclusion, the Nokia 105 plays a specific role in today’s tech landscape. It’s a secondary phone that’s ready for rough conditions, a digital detox device, or a primary phone for users who prioritize call and text functionalities above all else.

Perfect for Particular Needs

The Nokia 105 is not for everyone in the 21st century, but for those that it does appeal to, it hits the mark perfectly with its simplicity, inexpensiveness, and dependability.

Product Summary: Nokia 105

Key FeaturesLong battery life, durable design, physical keyboard
Network Compatibility2G (with 2G and 3G being phased out)
Full CategoryElectronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones

Whether you’re seeking a device that shuns the superfluous or providing a loved one with a straightforward means to stay in touch, the Nokia 105 may well be worth considering.

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