PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone available from Currys from just £54.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone review

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PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone: The Ultimate Home Communication Tool

When it comes to home communication, the PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone offers a combination of convenience and innovative features. Sold by Currys, one of the UK’s leading retailers, this cordless phone has been tailored to enhance the way we manage calls within our homes.

Three Handsets for Ultimate Convenience

One of the standout features of the PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB is the inclusion of three handsets. This cleverly designed multi-pack system means you can strategically place handsets around your home, significantly reducing the frantic race to the ringing phone. Being able to access a handset from any room not only minimizes the likelihood of missing a call but also allows for easy switching between handsets when one is low on battery.

Smart Caller ID and Nuisance Call Block

Next in its arsenal of user-focused functions is the Caller ID capability. This ensures that you always know who’s calling, allowing you to screen calls effectively. But the intelligence doesn’t stop there; the Nuisance Call Block feature is a godsend for those looking to block out the persistent pestering of marketing calls during dinner. The ability to bar up to 30 preset numbers or unknown callers provides an additional layer of privacy. Note the requirement for a Caller ID service subscription from your provider.

Extended Cordless Range and Hands-Free Calling

The freedom to roam with your conversation in tow is another reason why the PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB stands out. With a long cordless range—100 meters indoors and an impressive 300 meters outdoors—taking calls while attending to tasks around the house or garden becomes seamless. Adding to the hands-free convenience is the integrated speakerphone feature, perfect for multitasking or involving multiple people in the conversation.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

The eco-conscious will appreciate the one-touch eco mode, an energy-saving feature that reduces battery consumption and contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. The large LCD allows for clear visibility of the mode’s activation, and the device’s longevity is also notable—standing by for up to 200 hours on full charge.

Keep Organized with a Built-in Alarm

One often-overlooked feature of modern cordless phones is the built-in alarm. The PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB includes an alarm system that can be used as a wake-up call or reminder, complete with custom snooze intervals for those who require that extra nudge in the mornings.

Price and Quality Assessment

Priced at £54.99, the PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB provides a cost-effective solution for home communication. Considering its three-handset design and the suite of features it offers, the price point is competitive within the electronics and mobile phones category. When examining the quality, it’s clear that Panasonic has upheld their reputation for reliable and durable products.

Customer Reviews and Reception

The general consensus among users is positive, with many valuing the three-handset configuration and the call-blocking feature particularly highly. The extended range and speakerphone capabilities receive frequent praise, with the eco mode also being lauded for its intention towards energy conservation.

FAQs Section

Can I use the handsets in different rooms?

Yes, the three handsets can be placed in different rooms, and they will function as long as they’re within range of the base unit.

Does the phone have an intercom feature?

Yes, you can use the handsets to intercom between rooms, which is convenient for quick household communication.

Is the speakerphone quality good enough for conference calls?

The speakerphone is designed for clear audio, making it suitable for conference or group calls.

Will the Nuisance Call Block function work with any provider?

While the functionality is available, its effectiveness can depend on your provider’s services and whether you have subscribed to the Caller ID feature.

How do I activate the eco mode?

Eco mode can be activated with the touch of a button, easily identified on the handset.

Are batteries included, and are they rechargeable?

Yes, rechargeable batteries are included with the phone, and the handsets can be recharged by placing them on their respective charging docks.

Is there a warranty?

Typically, there is a manufacturer’s warranty included, which varies by retailer. It’s advisable to check with Currys for specific warranty information.


The PANASONIC KX-TGC413EB Cordless Phone is a versatile and robust choice for anyone in need of a multi-handset home phone system. It combines functionality, like Caller ID and Nuisance Call Block, with convenience through its extended range and speakerphone features. With Eco mode for energy saving and the practicality of an alarm, it’s a model that offers high value for its price point and sits well within Panasonic’s line of quality communication solutions.

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