SAMSUNG Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU Full HD 32″ VA LCD Gaming Monitor Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the SAMSUNG Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU Full HD 32" VA LCD Gaming Monitor available from Currys from just £199. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
SAMSUNG Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU Full HD 32

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Samsung Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU: A Gamer’s Delight

Gaming enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the perfect monitor to enhance their gameplay experience, and the Samsung Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU aims to tick all the right boxes. With gaming technology evolving rapidly, responsive and immersive displays have become essential. Sold by Currys, a well-known UK electronics retailer, this Full HD 32″ VA LCD gaming monitor makes a bold promise to elevate your digital adventures.

What Sets It Apart?

One of the crucial factors in gaming monitor performance is the refresh rate, and the Odyssey G3 delivers an impressive 165 Hz refresh rate. In games where every millisecond counts, like CS:GO or Valorant, this monitor promises to keep you a step ahead of the competition with its 1 ms response time. This monitor doesn’t just flaunt speed; it’s also equipped with AMD Freesync Premium technology, effectively reducing screen tearing and blurring, ensuring that even when your framerate dips, the action remains silky smooth.

Immersive Display Quality

The Odyssey G3’s Full HD VA screen is not just about smoothness; it brings sharp contrast, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles. The ‘VA’ in the name stands for Vertical Alignment, which is a type of LED panel known for its high contrast ratios and strong color reproduction. This translates to an image quality that is vibrant from any perspective, making the display an excellent option for both solo playthroughs and group gaming sessions.

Ergonomics and Design

A gaming marathon can be taxing on your posture, but the G3’s fully adjustable stand allows gamers to find their ideal viewing angle, reducing strain during those intense, long gaming nights. Its design also boasts a 3-sided borderless look that is not just aesthetic but practical for users considering a sleek multi-monitor array.

Eye Comfort Features

For gamers who marathon their sessions, the low blue light and flicker-free screen are blessings, offering a more comfortable viewing experience and less strain on your eyes.

Performance Meets Affordability

Gaming equipment often comes at a premium, but at £199, the Odyssey G3 is priced competitively in the Computer Monitors market. It’s a rare find where affordability meets sophisticated gaming features, which could make it a staple in any gamer’s setup.

FAQs About the Samsung Odyssey G3

What gaming features does the Samsung Odyssey G3 offer?

  • 165 Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay
  • 1 ms response time for quick on-screen actions
  • AMD Freesync Premium to minimize screen tearing and stuttering

Is the display quality good for competitive gaming?

Yes, the Full HD VA panel offers excellent visuals with vibrant colors and deep blacks, suitable for both competitive and casual gaming.

Can the gaming monitor be used in a multi-monitor setup?

Definitely. The 3-sided borderless design is ideal for seamless multi-monitor configurations, providing an expansive field of view.

Are there any features to help with eye strain?

The monitor comes with low blue light and flicker-free technologies, making it easier on the eyes during extended periods of use.

Build and Feature Quality

The monitor’s quality goes beyond the display. From its robust yet flexible stand to the sleek, modern design, Samsung has crafted a monitor that appears as good as it performs. The build quality aligns with Samsung’s reputation for reliable and long-lasting products.

Customer and Critic Reviews

Consumer feedback reflects appreciation for the monitor’s quick refresh rates and gaming-centric features. Critics praise the G3 for its performance-to-price ratio, highlighting that such refresh rates are rare in this price bracket. It’s noteworthy, however, that some users might expect a higher resolution screen at this size – the Full HD on a 32″ might not be pixel-dense enough for certain tastes, but for gaming purposes, it hits the mark.

Is This Monitor for You?

If you’re a gamer looking for a blend of high-performance specs without breaking the bank, the Samsung Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU could be the ideal candidate. Its amalgamation of speed, visual fidelity, and user concerns like eye comfort, makes it a noteworthy option. However, if absolute resolution is critical outside of gaming, you may need to look elsewhere. For the dedicated gamer, this could well be your next window into the virtual worlds you love.

Parting Thoughts

The Samsung Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU is a monitor that seemingly checks all the right boxes for the gaming community. From its blistering refresh rate to an eye-friendly display, it offers a compelling choice for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming setup. Priced affordably, this Full HD gaming monitor from a titan like Samsung is a testament to the fact that you don’t always have to splurge to chase after the best gaming experiences. Whether you’re dealing with fast-paced FPS titles or immersive RPG worlds, the Odyssey G3 seems ready to transport you there with clarity and smoothness. And with a retailer like Currys behind the sale, it’s readily available for gamers across the UK.

To wrap it up, the Samsung Odyssey G3 LS32AG320NUXXU is a monitor worth considering for those passionate about gaming and looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on key features. Dive into your games with confidence, clarity, and comfort—this monitor is built to keep up with the pace of your digital conquests.

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