Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle available from Currys from just £439. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle review

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Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle: A Next-Gen Knockout Punch from Currys

Are you gearing up for a gaming experience that punches above its weight? Look no further than the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle, retailing exclusively at Currys. This bundle pairs the powerhouse next-gen console with an adrenaline-fueled fighting game, promising to deliver entertainment with every blow.

Sony PlayStation 5 – The 825 GB Gaming Behemoth

The PS5 is more than just a console; it’s a testament to Sony’s commitment to push the boundaries of play. It’s a behemoth designed to transport gamers to uncharted territories of immersive gameplay and lightning-fast speeds.

  • Custom CPU, GPU, and Fast SSD Storage: These elements come together in harmony to sling you into action at unprecedented speeds.
  • 4K Ultra HD Graphics at up to 120 fps: Engage in a visual feast that serves up life-like action smoother than ever before.
  • DualSense Controller: A game-changer that lets you feel the virtual world with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for an esoteric gaming experience.

Good to know:

  • Ray tracing and HDR support: Revel in the hyper-realistic lighting and vibrant colours that bring each scene to life.
  • 3D Audio: Be enveloped in the heart of the action, whether through a headset or your TV speakers.
  • PlayStation Plus Subscription: Connect with a colossal community to play, compete, and conquer.
  • The PS5’s striking design ensures it’s not just a console, but the pièce de résistance of your entertainment gear.

Street Fighter 6 – PS5: The Arena Awaits

The latest installment of the iconic Street Fighter saga makes a grand entrance with Street Fighter 6, tailor-made for the PS5 machine. Classic meets contemporary as you choose from 18 unique fighters and enter the arena with an arsenal of game modes.

  • Three Game Modes: Whether forging your narrative or taking on the world, Street Fighter 6 offers versatility in play.
  • Real-time Commentary: Experience heightened excitement as if every fight is a championship decider.

Good to know:

  • Classic and Modern Controls: Execute deadly moves at the touch of a button, facilitating a fulfilling experience for veterans and rookies alike.
  • Dynamic Controls: Perfect for newcomers, these controls simplify complex combos into a single, devastating button press.
  • World Tour Mode: Leave an indelible mark on the world as you carve out your legacy.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Every kick, punch, and special move rendered with extraordinary detail, elevating the visceral thrill of each bout.

Price and Value Analysis

With a tag of £439, the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 bundle offers undeniable value. Considering the standalone cost of the console and the game, this bundle is a savvy investment for gaming aficionados looking to step into the next generation of gaming without breaking the bank.

Quality and Reviews: Are Gamers Impressed?

The PS5 has garnered rave reviews, universally acclaimed for its performance, speed, and innovative controller technology. Street Fighter 6, whilst newer on the scene, is quickly consolidating its reputation as a worthy successor in the storied franchise, earning praise for its accessibility and graphical prowess.


What is included in the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle?

This bundle includes a Sony PlayStation 5 console with an 825 GB SSD and one copy of the PlayStation exclusive game, Street Fighter 6.

Is the PlayStation 5 backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 is capable of playing an extensive library of PlayStation 4 games.

Can Street Fighter 6 be played by beginners?

Absolutely, Street Fighter 6 includes Dynamic Controls, allowing beginners to perform spectacular attacks with ease.

What is ray tracing, and does the PS5 support it?

Ray tracing is an advanced graphics rendering technique that simulates realistic light behavior. The PS5 fully supports it, allowing for incredibly lifelike visuals.

How does the online multiplayer work with Street Fighter 6?

With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can connect to the internet and battle players from all over the globe in multi-round fights.

Is the DualSense controller’s battery life sufficient for long gaming sessions?

The DualSense controller boasts an impressive battery life to sustain extended play periods, though its duration will depend on usage patterns.

How much does the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle cost at Currys?

This sought-after bundle is competitively priced at £439 at Currys.

Is the bundle available in all regions?

Availability can vary by region, so check with your local Currys store or website for stock details.

In summary, the Sony PlayStation 5 & Street Fighter 6 Bundle available at Currys heralds a new era of console gaming. It harmoniously blends cutting-edge technology and classic gaming to provide an experience that is equally welcoming to seasoned gamers and those new to the fray. A true testament to the evolution of interactive entertainment, this bundle is an investment that promises to keep on giving as the PS5’s library grows and Street Fighter 6’s community becomes ever more vibrant. With this combo, Sony and Currys serve up nothing less than a next-gen knockout. Game on.

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