WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 Smart Infrared Temporal Thermometer Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 Smart Infrared Temporal Thermometer available from Currys from just £71.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 Smart Infrared Temporal Thermometer review

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The WITHINGS Thermo SCT01: Revolution in Temperature Measurement

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving with technology that makes our lives easier and healthier. The WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 Smart Infrared Temporal Thermometer is a testament to this truth, and in our review, we’ll be diving into the details of this innovative device.

An Introduction to WITHINGS Thermo SCT01

With the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01, measuring temperature has never been this quick or unobtrusive. This smart infrared temporal thermometer, available at Currys, offers an innovative way to keep track of your family’s health.

Unboxing the Features

Let’s step through the key features that make the Thermo SCT01 stand out:

  • Contactless Convenience: Courtesy of 16 infrared sensors, the Thermo SCT01 performs temperature checks without touching your skin, making it a hygienic and non-invasive method.
  • Swift Readings: It gets the job done in 2 seconds flat, providing rapid results to those in need of quick health assessments.
  • Connectivity: The device uses WiFi to connect with your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to maintain temperature logs for up to eight users, making it perfect for family health management.
  • LED Display: Read measurements any time of day without switching on the lights, thanks to its bright and clear LED display.

Performance and Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to thermometers, and the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 doesn’t disappoint. With its multitude of infrared sensors, it provides precise temperature readings that you can trust.

User Experience and Application

Its user-friendly design is noteworthy. The device’s simplicity makes it suitable for all ages – from the technology-savvy to people who prefer intuitive gadgets. During flu seasons, its capability to track multiple users is invaluable for monitoring the health of each family member.

Price Analysis

At £71.99, the Thermo SCT01 may seem pricey compared to traditional thermometers, but given its smorgasbord of features and smart capabilities, the investment appears to be justified.

Quality and Brand Reputation

Withings is known for their reliable, tech-forward health devices, and the Thermo SCT01 follows suit. The device feels premium, and it’s backed by Withings’ commitment to quality. Plus, it neatly fits into the category of Watches at Currys, reaffirming its sleek design and innovative approach.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – customer reviews reflect positive sentiments, highlighting its ease of use and quick readings. Any concerns tend to be related to price rather than functionality, affirming its value in terms of performance.


How does the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 compare to traditional thermometers?

It offers a contactless, hygienic experience and connects to personal devices for tracking, which is not something traditional thermometers can do.

Can the Thermo SCT01 only connect via WiFi?

Yes, it uses WiFi to sync with the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet.

Is the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 suitable for all ages?

Absolutely, its non-invasive nature makes it perfect for adults, children, and babies alike.

What makes the Thermo SCT01 worth its price?

The convenience, smart features, brand trust, and design innovation offer a modern approach to temperature measurement, justifying the price tag.


The WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 Smart Infrared Temporal Thermometer redefines the process of checking temperatures. It’s an embodiment of modern healthcare technology that offers ease, efficiency, and connectivity. While the price is steep, the investment aligns with the quality and capabilities provided. For those looking to make a step towards futuristic health management at home, the Thermo SCT01 is certainly worth considering.

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In short, the WITHINGS Thermo SCT01 isn’t just a thermometer; it’s a healthcare companion for the modern family, blurring the lines between health monitoring and smart technology. Whether it’s flu season or just a regular check-up, the Thermo SCT01 is equipped to provide information and peace of mind at a moment’s notice.

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