XIAOMI Redmi A2 Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the XIAOMI Redmi A2 available from Currys from just £59. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
XIAOMI Redmi A2 review

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XIAOMI Redmi A2 Review: The Budget-Friendly Powerhouse?

If you’re on a shoestring budget yet on the lookout for a reliable smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered the XIAOMI name more than once. Synonymous with affordable tech, Xiaomi’s latest offering to the UK market, the Redmi A2, available at retailers like Currys, claims to pack a punch without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into this purported gem and uncover whether it’s the budget champion it hopes to be.

Unboxing the XIAOMI Redmi A2

Before you start swiping through your new device, let’s examine what the XIAOMI Redmi A2 brings to the table. Retailing at a modest £59, it’s easy to dismiss the phone as run-of-the-mill. However, Xiaomi seems unfazed by the price tag, promising a host of features that aim to challenge this assumption.

Camera Capabilities: Snap Happy on a Budget

Threading the needle between affordability and quality, the Redmi A2’s 8 MP main camera and 5 MP selfie shooter are poised to capture your moments with reasonable clarity. While professional photographers might not ditch their DSLRs just yet, the casual user gets a decent palette for visuals, whether it’s snapshots, video calls, or Full HD footage.

A Display of Grandeur

The 6.42″ HD+ display is notably large for a phone within this price range, making it a solid choice for media consumption. From binge-watching YouTube to exploring the web, users can expect an immersive visual experience without squinting at tiny text or struggling with inadequate screen estate.

Performance Prospects

At the core of the Redmi A2 lies an octa-core processor tasked with delivering “nice and snappy” performance. Although hardcore gamers might need to temper expectations, the average user looking to navigate apps will likely find the experience more than satisfactory.

Storage Space and Expansion

With 32 GB of internal storage, the necessities are covered. For the digital hoarders amongst us, a microSD card slot provides a welcome pass to expand storage, catering for oversized “playlists and photo albums”.

Battery Life: A Companion for the Long Haul

Lasting up to 36 hours of talk time, the Redmi A2’s 5000 mAh battery is a behemoth, promising to support users through long days and potentially even longer nights without a frantic search for the nearest power outlet.

Quality Meets Affordability

At £59, the XIAOMI Redmi A2 sits in a bracket often fraught with compromises but Xiaomi appears to have curated a blend of functional neatness and affordability. Whether concerned with the Full HD footage, “crisp pics”, or even general smartphone performance, the Redmi A2 has a compelling case for being one of the best value mobile phones on the market.

What the Users Say

No review would be complete without a nod to user feedback. Early indications suggest that the Redmi A2 delivers on its promises, with particular praise afforded to its battery life and display size. Its camera and storage capabilities have also received thumbs up from cost-conscious consumers.


Is the Camera Quality Good for the Price?

For its price bracket, the 8 MP main and 5 MP front cameras provide satisfactory image quality suitable for everyday use.

How is the Display Quality for Media Consumption?

The Redmi A2’s 6.42″ HD+ display is considered large and clear, offering an enjoyable viewing experience for videos and web browsing.

Can I Play Games on this Device?

While it’s equipped with an octa-core processor, its gaming capabilities may be limited to less demanding games.

Is the Battery Life as Good as Advertised?

With a 5000 mAh battery, the Redmi A2 is known for robust battery life, claimed to last up to 36 hours of talk time.

Is There Scope for Storage Expansion?

Yes, the device includes a microSD slot allowing you to expand the initial 32 GB storage.


It seems the XIAOMI Redmi A2 punches above its weight, providing an enviable suite of features for the budget-conscious. Whether you’re after a second device, a starter smartphone for a youngster, or just don’t place high demands on your tech, the Redmi A2 evidently has much to offer.

While it certainly won’t rival high-end options on all fronts, it doesn’t have to. The XIAOMI Redmi A2, balancing cost and capability, may be the savvy shopper’s dream device. Do consider it if your phone needs are modest, but your expectations for value are anything but.

Given its attributes and price point, the Redmi A2 is an enticing proposition in the world of mobile phones, one that’s hard to ignore for the bargain hunter, and potentially even harder to be disappointed with as an everyday user.

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