DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater available from Currys from just £29.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater review

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DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater Review: Keeping You Warm and Cozy

When winter’s chill begins to bite, the quest for a reliable and efficient source of warmth becomes a priority for many households. One solution that’s grabbing the attention of shoppers is the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater, a compact and powerful gadget that promises to beat the cold without breaking the bank. Let’s take an in-depth look at what this portable heater from the well-known brand Daewoo has to offer.

What is the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater?

The DAEWOO HEA1176 is a portable fan heater designed for those looking for a quick and easy way to increase the temperature in their living space. Available at Currys, one of the leading retailers in the UK, this heater comes with a promise of high performance with a 3000 W power output and convenient features to enhance its usability.

Key Features of the DAEWOO HEA1176

This heater isn’t just about providing warmth; it’s about doing so with convenience and safety in mind. Here are some key features:

  • Power Settings: It offers two power settings allowing users to adjust the heat output according to their comfort.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: The adjustable thermostat feature lets users fine-tune the temperature to their preference.
  • Compact and Portable: A compact design paired with a carry handle means you can easily move this heater to where it’s needed most in your home.
  • Safety First: Overheat protection is built-in, providing peace of mind for those moments when you might forget to turn it off.

Design and Usability

When it comes to design, the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater doesn’t disappoint. Its sleek, modern appearance means it’ll blend into the background of any room aesthetic. Moreover, the emphasis on portability can’t be overstated. Being able to move your heat source from room to room with ease is a huge plus, especially in homes where central heating may not reach every nook and cranny.


The powerful 3000 W capability of the DAEWOO HEA1176 ensures that you won’t be shivering for long. Whether you’re looking to take the edge off a particularly cold morning or need to warm a chilly bedroom before sleep, this fan heater is up to the task.

Pricing Analysis

At £29.99, the DAEWOO HEA1176 is positioned as an affordable option for those in need of a portable heating solution. This price point is competitive, especially when considering the features and the reputable brand behind the product.

Customer Reviews and Quality

Users generally have positive things to say about the DAEWOO HEA1176. It’s often praised for its rapid heating capability and ease of use. The safety features likewise receive nods of approval from safety-conscious consumers. While it might not be the only heater on the market, its quality, price, and brand reputation place it as a noteworthy contender.


Can the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater be used in any room?

Yes, its portable design means you can use it virtually anywhere in your home where you have access to a power outlet.

Is it safe to leave the portable heater on overnight?

While the overheat protection feature adds safety, it’s generally not recommended to leave portable heaters on while unattended or asleep for safety reasons.

How does the adjustable thermostat work?

It allows you to select the desired temperature. The heater will cycle on and off to maintain that setting.

Does the heater come with a warranty?

Typically, consumer electronics from brands like Daewoo include a manufacturer’s warranty; however, check with Currys for specific details at the time of purchase.

How heavy is the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Heater?

It’s designed to be lightweight for ease of portability. Exact weight specifications should be available on Currys’ website or the product’s packaging.

Does this heater have different mode settings?

Yes, the DAEWOO HEA1176 has two heating modes to choose from based on your heating requirements.


In summary, the DAEWOO HEA1176 Portable Fan Heater is a solid choice for anyone in search of a portable, efficient, and cost-effective way to stay warm. The compact design, coupled with safety features and the trusted Daewoo brand name, make it a product worth considering for your heating needs. While it’s always smart to compare with other heaters in its class, the HEA1176 seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of price, functionality, and user satisfaction.

So, as the cold sets in and you’re looking for a way to stay snug without spending a fortune, the DAEWOO HEA1176 could very well be your trusty companion throughout the chilly months. Before you know it, you might just be enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home.

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