FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch available from Currys from just £179. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch review

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FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch: A Wellness Companion on Your Wrist

The FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch is a wearable that doesn’t just tell the time; it doubles as your personal health and fitness coach. With the market teeming with choices, does the latest offering from Fitbit stand out from the rest? Let’s strap in and find out.

Tracking Health Metrics Made Simple

In an era fixated on health consciousness, the FITBIT Sense 2 promises to offer a comprehensive suite of features aimed at keeping your wellbeing in check. Let’s delve into what sets this smartwatch apart in terms of health features:

  • All-day body-response tracking to gauge your stress levels and overall health.
  • Integrated ECG app for on-demand heart rate monitoring.
  • A Daily Readiness Score that advises on whether to engage in exercise or rest.
  • Monitoring of metrics such as heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, and SpO2.

The ability to measure skin temperature and provide reminders for wellness checks fosters a proactive approach to health management. Whether you’re into strength training or more leisurely activities like golf, the watch’s over 40 exercise modes have you covered.

Maximising Your Zen

Stress management gets a tech revamp with the FITBIT Sense 2’s guided breathing exercises and meditation features. This device doesn’t just report; it assists. Need to unwind? The smartwatch will nudge you in the direction of serenity.

The Sleep Guardian

It’s not just the daylight hours that the Sense 2 is concerned about. Sleep better is the watchword here, with a daily sleep score that interprets rest quality. This actionable insight could be a game-changer in improving your overall health.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Longevity isn’t an issue with this smartwatch. A 6+ days battery life associates with convenience, and a quick 12-minute charge can keep you going for another day. The integration of Amazon Alexa and forthcoming Google apps such as Google Maps and Google Wallet pushes the boundaries of what we expect smartwatches to do.

Price and Affordability

At £179, the FITBIT Sense 2 positions itself as a mid-range contender. Available at Currys, one of UK’s leading retailers, it offers a wealth of features that, on paper, justify the price tag.


How does the Fitbit Sense 2 improve stress management?

The Sense 2 includes features like all-day body-response tracking, guided breathing, and meditations that not only track stress levels but also help you manage them actively.

Can I use the watch for multiple types of workouts?

Yes, with over 40 exercise modes, including tailored workouts such as strength training and kayaking, the watch caters to a diverse array of fitness routines.

Is it necessary to charge the watch every night?

Not at all. The FITBIT Sense 2 boasts a battery life that exceeds 6+ days, so nightly charging isn’t needed. A quick ‘top-up’ charge can further extend usage.

Are Google services available on this Fitbit model?

While not yet available, services like Google Maps and Google Wallet are expected to be integrated into the watch in the near future.

User Reviews and Quality

Users praise the Sense 2 for its comprehensive health features and easy-to-use interface. The heart rate alerts and daily readiness score are especially popular for giving insights into their workouts and recovery.

Quality-wise, Fitbit has a reputation for sturdy construction and the Sense 2 is no exception, with users complimenting the build quality and screen visibility.

Verdict: A Sound Investment?

The FITBIT Sense 2 manages to be a jack-of-all-trades in the best possible way. It monitors your physical health, encourages mental well-being, and does it all while keeping you connected. For someone looking for a tech ally to navigate through the realms of fitness and wellness, the Sense 2 might just be the smartwatch to beat.

It combines versatility with functionality, and with its holistic approach to health and wellness, it seems to strike a chord with the modern consumer.

The FITBIT Sense 2 Smart Watch finds a sweet spot in terms of features and price. Its user reviews are predominantly positive, with most highlighting the array of features that bolster the £179 price tag. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch that can keep pace with your health and fitness aspirations, the Sense 2 deserves consideration.

While the watch doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it refines the concept of what a health-centric smartwatch can be. Packed with sensors, equipped with a reliable battery, and brimming with features to help you manage your well-being, the Sense 2 is more than just a fancy gadget on your wrist—it can be a catalyst for healthier habits.

For the discerning consumer looking to invest in a health-focused smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense 2, available at Currys, presents an enticing package that demands attention.

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