MSI G27C4X Full HD 27″ Curved VA Gaming Monitor Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the MSI G27C4X Full HD 27" Curved VA Gaming Monitor available from Currys from just £159. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
MSI G27C4X Full HD 27

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Introduction to the MSI G27C4X Full HD 27″ Curved VA Gaming Monitor

Gaming enthusiasts understand the importance of a high-quality monitor in achieving the ultimate gaming experience. One such monitor that has caught the attention of the gaming community is the MSI G27C4X Full HD 27″ Curved VA Gaming Monitor. Available at Currys, this monitor is tailored to meet the demands of fast-paced games like Counter-Strike or Valorant, offering crisp detail and smooth motion.

MSI G27C4X: A Gamer’s Delight

The MSI G27C4X boasts a 250 Hz refresh rate, ensuring that every in-game movement is rendered with fluidity and precision. This high refresh rate is ideal for competitive gamers who require seamless gameplay to react swiftly in intense situations. Complementing the high refresh rate is the Full HD resolution, which guarantees that every pixel is displayed in vivid detail.

Minimized Motion Blur and Screen Tearing

A key feature of the MSI G27C4X is its 1 ms response time paired with AMD FreeSync Premium. This combination effectively minimizes screen tearing and blurring, presenting a crisp picture at all times. Such technical prowess ensures that players enjoy an immersive gaming experience free from common visual artifacts.

The Curve Advantage

Gaming monitors are increasingly adopting curved screens, and the MSI G27C4X makes no exception with its optimal curvature. This feature offers a comfortable view of the entire screen, engrossing the player into the game’s world. The ergonomics of the curvature also help to reduce eye strain during prolonged gaming sessions.

Striking Visuals with the VA Panel

The use of a VA panel in the MSI G27C4X enhances the visual output with vivid colours and sharp contrast. Video games, movies, and shows are displayed with improved depth and vibrancy, making the monitor a versatile choice for both gaming and entertainment.

Customizable Viewing Angles

An often overlooked yet vital feature of gaming monitors is adjustability. The MSI G27C4X allows users to tilt the screen up and down, providing the flexibility to find the perfect viewing angle for individual comfort and posture.

Price and Quality Analysis

At £159, the MSI G27C4X is priced competitively within the market, especially considering its high refresh rate and premium features like AMD FreeSync. As part of the Electronics > Video > Computer Monitors category, this monitor provides significant value for gamers looking to upgrade their setup without breaking the bank.

User Reviews and Feedback

The consensus among users suggests that the MSI G27C4X garners positive reviews, with a particular emphasis on its smooth performance and exceptional display quality. Users have appreciated the immersive experience provided by the curved screen and the competitive edge the high refresh rate offers in fast-paced games.

Summary of the MSI G27C4X Monitor

  • 250 Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gameplay
  • 1 ms response time coupled with AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Full HD resolution for crisp, clear images
  • Curved screen design for improved field of view and comfort
  • VA panel delivering vivid colours and sharp contrast
  • Adjustable tilt for ergonomic customization
  • Affordable price point providing excellent value for money

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MSI G27C4X suitable for professional gaming?

Yes, with its high refresh rate, quick response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium, the MSI G27C4X is well-suited for professional gaming.

Are there any advantages of a curved monitor for non-gaming activities?

Absolutely. The curved design of the monitor can provide a more immersive experience while watching movies and can be easier on the eyes during extended use, which is beneficial for any prolonged computer activity.

Does the MSI G27C4X have good colour accuracy?

The VA panel ensures that the MSI G27C4X offers vivid colours and deep contrasts, which is generally good for most gaming and multimedia applications, though professional photo and video editors might prefer an IPS panel for even better colour accuracy.

Can I mount the MSI G27C4X on a wall or monitor arm?

It depends on the specific VESA mount compatibility. Check the monitor’s specifications or contact Currys for this info.

Does this monitor come with a warranty?

Yes, the MSI G27C4X typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The duration and coverage of the warranty can vary, so it’s recommended to consult with the retailer for exact details.


The MSI G27C4X Full HD 27″ Curved VA Gaming Monitor emerges as an excellent choice for gamers who seek high performance at a reasonable price. With its array of gamer-friendly features such as high refresh rate, rapid response time, and FreeSync Premium, it promises a superior gaming experience. Whether you’re diving into your favourite game or enjoying the latest blockbuster, the MSI G27C4X presents a compelling case for gamers looking to enhance their visual experience.

If you’re in the market for a gaming monitor that strikes a balance between affordability and performance, the MSI G27C4X at Currys may just be the monitor you have been searching for. Its impressive specifications and user feedback make it a standout option in the competitive realm of gaming monitors.

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