RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier available from Currys from just £34.99. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier review

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Introduction to RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier

Those seeking a breath of fresh air within their living or working space might find the RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier a pleasing addition. Known for its efficient filtration system and sleek design, this air purifier promises to deliver enhanced air quality, capturing a variety of pollutants and aiding individuals with allergies or asthma.

Design and Features

The Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B is not just about pure air; its design ensures it blends into any room aesthetically. The digital display and colour-changing LED lights accentuate its modernity, making it a seamless fit for any contemporary decor. Function meets form in this compact purifier that also shines through its practical features:

  • H13 HEPA filter system captures up to 99.95% of particles
  • Efficient purification of smoke, pet dander, pollen, and dust
  • Suitable for smaller rooms, covering up to 10m_
  • Intuitive touch control panel with 3-speed settings
  • Night mode for a quieter operation and dimmed display

The H13 HEPA filter is a standout feature, as it filters out minuscule particles, including bacteria and viruses, providing a protective layer for those with respiratory conditions.

Usability and Performance

Understanding the busy nature of today’s lifestyle, Russell Hobbs has designed the RHAP1001B for ease of use. The intuitive touch control panel simplifies the operation, while the 3-speed setting allows for flexibility based on the user’s needs. Night mode is a thoughtful addition, allowing the purifier to run quietly without disturbing sleep.

Room Suitability and Air Purification Efficiency

Particularly useful for small room requirements (up to 10m_), the purifier is an excellent pick for personal spaces like home offices or bedrooms. It’s capable of changing the dynamic of the room’s air quality, especially for city dwellers who combat daily pollutants.

Price and Value for Money

At £34.99, the RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B offers appealing value, making it an attractive choice for those budget-conscious consumers looking for quality without the high price tag. When purchased from Currys, one of the UK’s leading electronics retailers, customers can be assured of a legitimate product with accessible customer service.

Price Analysis

Comparing the price to other air purifiers on the market, the RHAP1001B stands out for its affordability and advanced filtration system. For customers who need a compact solution without the need for additional features and functionalities, this product presents a cost-effective option.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

The Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B has gathered positive reviews for its performance in small spaces. Customer satisfaction with its simple operation, night time functionality, and the quality of air post-purification tends to be high. The brand itself, Russell Hobbs, holds a strong reputation for producing reliable household appliances, comforting prospective buyers regarding product longevity and customer support.


How often do I need to replace the HEPA filter?

Filter lifespan varies depending on usage, but it’s recommended to change the HEPA filter every 6 to 12 months.

Is this purifier suitable for larger rooms?

The RHAP1001B is designed for rooms up to 10m_, and may not be as effective in larger spaces.

Does it have a warranty?

Currys offers a standard warranty on the purifier. For extended terms, it’s advisable to check with the retailer.

Can the purifier eliminate strong odours?

This model is effective against general household odours, and its H13 HEPA filter system helps reduce smells from smoke, pets, and cooking.

Is the night mode automatic?

The night mode isn’t automatic but can be easily enabled through the touch control panel.

Final Thoughts

The RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B Portable Air Purifier stands out as a solid option for those needing cleaner air in smaller spaces. Its budget-friendly price coupled with significant features like the H13 HEPA filter, compact and stylish design, as well as user-friendly controls, make it a worthy investment for the health-conscious shopper.

Adhering to the saying, “prevention is better than cure,” investing in this affordable piece of technology could be a step towards maintaining a healthier indoor environment. With pleasing reviews and a reliable brand behind it, the RHAP1001B seems like a small but smart addition to any modern home.


In summary, the RUSSELL HOBBS RHAP1001B proves to be an effective and economical solution for maintaining indoor air quality. Its combination of advanced filtration, ease of use, and a trusted brand name gives users peace of mind. Those in the market for an air purifier that won’t break the bank yet does not skimp on performance may find this model to be the perfect fit.

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