XIAOMI Mi 11T 5G Review

In today's review we're taking a look at the XIAOMI Mi 11T 5G available from Currys from just £499. Take a look at the review below and when you're ready simply click the "View Reviews" button to read verified customer feedback on this product.
XIAOMI Mi 11T 5G review

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Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G Review: A Speedster in Elegant Clothing | £499 at Currys

Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G Review: A Speedster in Elegant Clothing | £499 at Currys


The Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G, a powerhouse of a smartphone, has recently landed on the shelves of Currys, and it’s vying for your attention. With an eye-catching design and specs that challenge the best, the Mi 11T 5G promises top-tier performance at a competitive price. In this review, we delve into what the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G has to offer to mobile phone enthusiasts in the UK.

Design and Build Quality

The Xiaomi 11T 5G combines aesthetics with durability, boasting premium materials that give it a sleek and chic look. Its elegant body encapsulates the robustness needed for day-to-day use, while maintaining a style that will turn heads.

Display and Visuals

At the heart of the viewing experience is the Xiaomi 11T 5G’s Full HD+ display, featuring:

  • A 120 Hz refresh rate for buttery-smooth navigation
  • Stunning HDR10+ support
  • A delightful 10-bit colour range for lifelike visuals

Performance and Connectivity

Fuelled by an octa-core processor, the Xiaomi 11T 5G is a performance behemoth that refuses to slow down, no matter the task. Its 5G capabilities ensure you’re always ahead of the curve with swift internet speeds, eradicating the agony of buffering completely.

Camera Capabilities

For photography aficionados, the Xiaomi 11T’s camera setup is nothing short of impressive:

  • A 108 MP main camera for capturing detail-rich photos
  • An 8 MP ultra-wide lens that’s perfect for expansive group shots
  • A versatile 5 MP lens that serves both macro and telephoto needs
  • And for the selfie enthusiasts, a sharp 20 MP front camera is at your service

Battery Life and Charging

Does your day involve endless scrolling, streaming, and social media? The 11T’s 5000 mAh battery capacity ensures you remain unplugged for up to 10 hours. With the addition of 67 W turbo charging, you’re quickly back to full power, minimizing downtime.


How does the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G perform under heavy usage?

The Mi 11T 5G handles heavy usage with ease, thanks to its powerful processor and ample RAM.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G’s display suitable for gaming?

Absolutely, the 120 Hz refresh rate makes it an excellent choice for mobile gaming, providing smooth motion and quick touch response.

Can the cameras on the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G compete with flagship models?

With its high-resolution sensors and versatile shooting modes, the Mi 11T 5G’s cameras are competitive options in the smartphone market.

Is 5G connectivity on the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G a game-changer?

Yes, 5G significantly enhances the online experience with faster download and upload speeds, as well as better network reliability.

How quickly does the Mi 11T 5G charge?

The Mi 11T 5G charges rapidly thanks to its 67 W turbo charging feature – you won’t be tethered to a power outlet for long.

Price Analysis

At £499, the Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G sits in a sweet spot, melding high-end features with mid-range affordability. Its price quality equilibrium makes it an enticing option for users seeking flagship characteristics without the typical cost.


The Xiaomi Mi 11T 5G is an all-rounder that proves to be an asset for any tech enthusiast. Available now at Currys, it’s a phone that delivers on its promises and holds up as an intelligent buy in today’s rapidly evolving mobile phone marketplace. Its combination of sleek design, powerful internals, and competitive pricing, makes it a standout choice for savvy buyers.

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